A history of flavours

The Vergilius experience comes from the love for the land and leads us to undertake a journey to rediscover new, authentic, true flavors.
The careful selection of raw materials wisely prepared according to the recipes handed down by our grandparents. The knowledge of the peasant tradition made available to the most innovative food technologies.


VERGILIUS is freely inspired by the historical figure of Publius Virgil Marone, Roman poet who accompanied Dante in the Divine Comedy and the strong bond between the poet and “our Land”, the Naples where he loved to reside and which preserves his mortal remains; the Naples that until the Middle Ages erected him as his protector and which preserves the legends born around his myth. Virgil, famous for the writing of immortal works such as the Aeneid, the Bucolic and the Georgics, accompanies us on this gastronomic journey to rediscover authentic but innovative flavours, pointing out the key principles to follow:

  • the sacredness of work,
  • the exhortation and incitement to return to live in the country,
  • the eulogy of the serene rural life,
  • the invitation to seek the good in simplicity.


Innovation according to tradition and cutting-edge craftsmanship place Vergilius among the brands of excellence in the food field, able to bring the excellence of Made in Italy to the tables all over the world.

Discover our Pestati selection


Our pestati is produced in a traditional method to exalt the quality of the ingredients

Ideal for all

Our pestati is ideal as a pasta souce, base for main meals or for stuffing baked goods.


The handcrafting process permits to produce a limited number of packages of our pestati.